Selling your Daytona Beach Property

Things to Consider

What Gaff’s Realty Will Do to Sell Your Home
Integrity and experience are two of several factors that play a major role when it comes to selling your home. Gaff’s Realty and its many years of success can be attributed to, among other things, its use of integrated marketing programs and the application of inventive strategies designed to assist clients in gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

What Clients Can Expect from Gaff’s Realty
The reputation of Gaff’s Realty is built upon years of cultivating strong relationships with clients and utilizing the maximum level of professionalism and cutting edge real estate expertise.  Gaff’s Realty continues to stay on top of the latest real estate trends and has built a solid list of loyal clientele and referrals as well as an excellent standing among fellow industry colleague.
Marketing Expertise
There’s a common misunderstanding that all a realtor needs to do in order to sell a home is to place ads in the appropriate venues and a sale will subsequently result.  Although placing ads is part of the process, it’s only one component in an otherwise multifaceted approach. By incorporating time tested practices such as email marketing, open houses and direct mail with unique strategies, sellers who work with Gaff’s Realty enjoy the utmost level of exposure and they are aligned with buyers who would be genuinely interested in the type of home being sold.

Marketing Outline
Existing market conditions necessitate a marketing plan that is fully and carefully customized to each client and their unique needs.  The Gaff’s Realty team comes from a variety of backgrounds that encompass the areas of advertising, marketing and more.  Together with the years of experience and leading technologies, sellers already receive a huge advantage when working with Gaff’s Realty in today’s buyers market.

Determining the Selling Price of Your Home
The value of your home varies depending on the person viewing it.  An appraiser sees it one way, a lender sees it another way and obviously so do you.  This same idea applies to potential buyers as they each have their own needs, wants and financial resources.  Despite these fluctuations among people, the biggest factor in deciding what the price of your home will be is existing market values.

Using a standard method called a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), Gaff’s Realty will be able to evaluate the values for similar properties in your neighboring area as well that of properties that have been recently sold.  This analysis allows us--and you as the seller--to find a price that reflects current market conditions but is priced with the intention of being competitive and attractive to buyers.

Besides the market conditions, general appearance plays a strong role in your home’s value, particularly among buyers.  Using a real estate practice called staging, Gaff’s Realty will show you home "staging" tricks that will help your property sell faster.  You need to add the "Wow" factor.  And it is easier than you think. 

In order to improve the value of your home both literally and figuratively, take these tips into account:
1. Remove the Clutter
Go into each individual room in your home and thoroughly examine what can be thrown away, what can be stored away, or what can be moved around so that the room doesn’t appear as cluttered.  Instead of viewing the home with the intention of making it livable for you, look at it as one that’s going up for sale and will be seen by many people.  Thus, leaving many personal items lying around will not allow buyers to picture themselves living in the home and should therefore be removed.
2. Get a Home Inspection Report
The last thing you want is for a buyer to notice a leaky faucet, cracks in the wall or some other damage that will decrease the appeal of a home.  Discerning buyers are quite adept at noticing these things and this is why a home inspection report is so strongly encouraged.  This report will also detail potential problems that aren’t as easily seen.
3. Let There Be Light
The use of light has the effect of making an interior seem twice as spacious, especially when natural light is incorporated.  Thus it’s highly recommended to keep windows open and allow the sun to shine in as this also makes the home appear more inviting.  With that in mind, make sure the windows are clean as well as the surfaces the light is reflecting off of.
4. The Bathroom and the Kitchen
These are arguably the two most critical rooms in your home.  A thorough cleaning should be done to absolutely everything from the counters to the appliances.  You should also consider steam cleaning tile and grout to further ensure that these two rooms look as presentable as possible.
5. Scents
Sense of smell is highly unique; what someone finds pleasant another may find unpleasant.  Pet odors and the scent of tobacco tend to be the perennial culprits that turn off buyers.  Always clean household items that retain these scents like drapes or carpet thoroughly.  Be very careful when using things like potpourri or scented candles as some of these may be too strong for some buyers.
6. A New Paint Job
This is perhaps one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to make your home look new again.  Always make sure to stick to neutral colors so as not to alienate and/or turn off buyers.
7. Fix Up the Yard
Trees, shrubs, bushes that are overgrown should all be manicured and trimmed if necessary.  Pay close attention to vegetation that may be hindering any scenic views and consider adding in some colorful planters as they can really bring a yard to life.  Don’t forget to pick up fallen leaves.
8. Pay Close Attention to the Flooring
If you have hardwood or stone floors, you need to pay extra attention to the floors as they may appear scratched, dull or even stained.  It will work in your favor tremendously if you have the floors polished, buffed or completely repaired if necessary.
9. Be Honest
If your home has a problem, a defect or anything that the buyer should know about it, let them know.  Not only does this build a higher degree of trust among the buyer and the seller, it’ll also prevent potential legal headaches in the future.
Gaff’s Realty Power Marketing
  • Photographing the property in order to showcase its most appealing features.
  • Creating video tours and virtual interactive walkthroughs.
  • Showcasing the home on the Gaff’s Realty website, the MLS as well as distributing it to leading real estate websites like Trulia.
  • Designing full color brochures of your property.
  • Placing advertisements in industry related publications as well as local newspapers.
  • Creating direct mail and email flyers.

Property Showings
  • We schedule showings while taking into account our own client’s busy schedule.
  • Your home will have its lights turned on, the curtains and doors open and more before buyers arrive.
  • We will follow up with buyers and their agents while keeping you abreast of all the activity and
    buyer feedback.

Obtaining Competitive Offers

Gaff’s Realty will ensure complete and correct contract documentation, including all the appropriate disclosures.

Gaff’s Realty Closing Process Gaff’s Realty will coordinate all of the details through the closing by utilizing a board network of resources that includes inspectors, attorneys, agents, movers and more.


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